Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Esperanza Spalding on ACL

Esperanza Spalding AND Madeline Peyroux on the same show on the same night! What a wonderful way to spend a rainy Tuesday, watching the much anticipated recording of two of my favorite singers being beautiful and talented on ACL's stage. Esperanza is one artist I never ever ever get tired of listening to. She puts on a great show here, most especially her rendition of Nina Simone's "Wild is the Wind". Please check out the video above, it's not from the ACL show but an equally good recording of the same song. I can't tell you how she has endeared herself to me through this one song.

Madeline Peyroux has such a great sense of humor and I love love love the accordion player in her band. and he loves loves loves his accordion. {he's fun to watch} There were plenty of happy smiles at my house listening to Madeline and lots of solo waltzing going on. She is quite a bit folkier than most singers under the jazz genre. In fact, I think folk > jazz = Madeline. I have to admit that Esperanza stole the show for me. Bottom line: this will be one more tivo recording that I will not allow Chris to delete for the rest of eternity.