Friday, November 27, 2009

oliver + s

oliver + s is the sweetest online pattern shop I have ever seen. The patterns are displayed as paper doll clothes that you can try on your paper doll! Every pattern ships with a five-inch-high paper doll and outfit. Their paper dolls are illustrated by Dan Andreasen.

I was directed to this site in a round about way. Facebook told me to do it! Actually, fb told me to look at some of the groups my friends belong to and oliver + s was listed under Kinion's page. After visiting, I see why. This page reminds me of Kinion so very very much. So, now I know about this wonderful site and have already chosen what I want to make next. Yay Kinion for sharing and yay for oliver + s!
p.s. there is also a great blog on the site.

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